Firefighters warn against Fire Challenge

ATLANTA -- A new trend online is frightening doctors and firefighters in Atlanta.

It's called the Fire Challenge, and believe it or not, kids are actually setting themselves on fire and posting the videos to YouTube.

DeKalb County Fire Capt. Eric Jackson gave our sister station, WTSP, a demonstration to show how quickly this can get out of hand.

Dressed in protective gear, Jackson says it only takes one click of a lighter to ruin a life.

"Young people are doing the unthinkable, they're actually setting themselves on fire," he said.

Hundreds of videos on YouTube show young people taking the fire challenge.

"They're taking alcohol and they're rubbing it all over themselves," he said.

Watching how quickly the fire engulfs a T-shirt, Jackson says with the rubbing alcohol, it can reach 600 degrees on someone's skin in seconds.

"You can only imagine what this would do to someone's skin. Or what this would do to someone's insides," he said.

Now the damage is clear.

People who have been burned are coming out and begging other people to stop. One young man was killed after doing it.

" I can say it in three words -- don't do it. Period. End of discussion," said Jackson.

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