Woman wants her dead sister's ashes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A North Carolina woman wants her sister's ashes.

Sherry Meyer died in her Mandarin home in January. The house was then issued to her adopted son Scott Meyer. He isn't responding to any of his aunt's phone calls.

Then she learned of the bodies of three dead dogs that were pulled from the home on Reds Gait Lane last week.

"This is just horrible, the whole thing is just unbelievable," said Meryl Meyer. "It's just been hard. I've been trying to grieve and then this happens, and it's just traumatic to hear this."

"The problem has been no one could get access to it, to the house. If we tried to get access to the house we could have been charged with trespassing," said Sherry's next door neighbor Jim Rooney.

"We've been trying to get in the house, we need an accounting bill of what's in the house, and now it's apparent we can't get in the house because it's a biohazard because of the decomposing dogs," said Meryl. "My sister was a wonderful person, she worked very hard, and she did everything she could to help her son to stay out of trouble. And she didn't deserve all of this to happen at the end. I want the neighborhood, the community, to not have to suffer, because they've been dealing with this since the beginning."

A company did come and clean up the outside of the house, they're just waiting for approval to clean out the inside.


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