Woman recovering after Jax Beach shark bite (GRAPHIC)

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Mimi Cosa's husband Eugene was carrying her around a day after she was bitten by a shark at Jacksonville Beach.

Cosa says she was getting ready to turn and jump on her boogie board Tuesday when the shark hit.

"It was like really bad. I felt like a shake and it would not let go of my foot," Mimi said.

Then the pain set in.

"It felt like a lot of knives, you know, but because of the salt water it was not as bad as when I got out of the water and the blood was flowing," Mimi said.

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She was helped out of the water by a near-by swimmer and then taken to Baptist beaches hospital where she got 21 stitches in her right foot. She is concerned she may have nerve damage to her little toe, but doctors tell her she was lucky because three previous shark bites in the last two years were worse.

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"It could have taken a bite from here [calf] and it would be really hard to repair, so here, it is not that bad. So maybe I can still wear high heels!" Mimi said laughing.

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She is keeping her foot elevated so it won't bleed and hurt as bad. She says the pain is a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Mimi says she visits the beach several times a week during the warm months, but the bite served as a wake up call.

"I am going to go to the beach but I will be extra careful, because you cannot see," Mimi said. "I am really scared, I really am."

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