Woman claims boyfriend did not commit murder

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- A man found dead in a burned car in St. Johns County in 2013 sparked an investigation that is closing in on a trial.

Two suspects in this murder case are scheduled to appear in court this Friday.

The woman, who police said was involved in an apparent love triangle involving the victim and one of the suspects, told First Coast News, "there was no love triangle."

Antoinette Heart started posting to Facebook this year. Her page features several selfies along with a couple of posts which allude to the events that led up to the murder of Edward Scott Mullener, 54.

Heart's Facebook post from March 27th said, "Most of it is hear (sic) say and if someone would actually give me a chance to speak that would be a really humane thing to do."

First Coast News called Heart Wednesday, offering her a chance to speak. She talked to First Coast News on the phone but declined an on-camera interview.

Investigators say Heart was involved with two men: Justin Adam Boyles -- whom she calls her baby and soul mate on Facebook – and with the victim, Mulleneer. He was found dead in a burned car on a logging road in Flagler Estates in June 2013.

Heart told First Coast News she was not romantically involved with Mullener.

Police reports say Heart told them Boyles and Mullener got into a fight at her Palm Coast home in June 2013. Police reports also said another man, Charles Massey, 38, came over to the home as well.

A press release issued by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office in July 2013 said Boyles and Massey beat and tortured Mullener.

However, Heart told First Coast News Wednesday her boyfriend, Boyles, did not fight with the victim at her home. She said Massey came over and wanted to fight the victim, and she said Massey and Mullener eventually left together.

However, police reports indicate Heart told them Boyles and Massey left together, one of them driving Mullener's car.

Investigators later found that car in Flagler Estates with Mullener's remains inside its trunk.

Boyles and Massey are now in jail, charged with first degree murder and kidnapping.

Heart told First Coast News she thinks Massey -- not her boyfriend, Boyles -- killed the victim.

As for her Facebook page, Heart said she has now made it a private page.

The St. Augustine Record contributed to this story.


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