Well-wishes for Orly Ohayon pour into FCN studios

On Tuesday, the First Coast News phone bank lit up with viewers offering their support and encouraging words for Orly Ohayon. Last September, Orly, and her mother were struck by a car while crossing San Jose Boulevard going to synagogue.

Orly's mother didn't survive the accident, and Orly suffered injuries including a punctured lung, broken ankle and a lacerated kidney. In an exclusive interview, First Coast News' Jeannie Blaylock sat down with Orly, who says that "It's not important to know the answer. But it's important to have faith faith and keep going." The messages of inspiration poured in to the FCN newsroom during the 5, 5:30 and 6 p.m. broadcasts.

"I am praying for her. God bless her abundantly."

-Sheldman and Rima Blatner

"Orly, God is on your side, so nothing can go wrong."

"I pray for her ever since I heard the information."

-Joyce Haines, 81

"Many people care."

"Keep getting well. Go girl!"

"(Crying,) I hope you get better!"

"Wish you well."

"I lost my daughter, so my daughter doesn't have a mother and I don't have a daughter, so I know how she feels."

"Thoughts and good wishes are with you."

"I feel sorry!"

"I feel sad for her!"

"She's in our hearts. God bless her. Hope and pray she will get well soon. We love her. Wonderful girl."

"I'm praying for her recovery and hope she goes to college."

"Wish you the best of luck."

"I admire your wonderful spirit."

"Wish her well. I'll be praying for you."

"I wish it could be more."

"Hope you have a speedy recovery."

"Please, I pray for you often and I admire that you don't seem so mad at the guy that almost … (cannot read rest)"

"Hope you get better soon!'

"Hope she does well."

"Good luck.'

'Hope she gets better."

"Be strong."

"Praying for her. I would like to see you go to college."

"Get well soon."

"God bless you and stay strong."

"Keep your chin up."

"Best wishes."


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