'The Other Woman' exposed online

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- Some are calling it the 2014 version of the Scarlet letter. Others call it a way to vent and an invisible shoulder to lean on during times of struggle. However, to some, it is a weapon to destroy a reputation.

A website called ShesAHomewrecker.com provides an open forum for thousands of women to anonymously 'out' the woman who had or has sexual relations with their husband. It is a way for wives to post personal information behind the comfort of their computer. Women can anonymously post names, pictures, and intimate details of affairs on the website- for the world to see.

First Coast News unveils the woman behind the website. She goes by the alias, Ariella Alexander. In 2012, she created the website and Facebook page with more than 360,000 likes, after she found herself in the same boat as thousands of woman across the country- cheated on.

"After you are cheated on, you will never trust again."

Alexander says she has dealt with infidelity her entire life and it started with her parents.

"My dad had an affair with my mother and my mother separated from him when I was a little girl," said Alexander.

She hopes the website serves as a safe haven for women who feel scorned. She also hopes it teaches a lesson to women who get involved with married men.

"Maybe a woman will think twice about involving herself with someone who is married or someone who is involved because she fears having her picture getting put up on my website," said Alexander.

In Jacksonville there are three homewreckers who made the list. There are 96 alleged mistresses from Florida, which ranks the Sunshine state third highest on the list- behind California and Texas.

Four of the wives behind the posting spoke with First Coast news about their motives. Brandy, Marty, Kelly and Jennifer say the website is like the therapist they've always wanted.

Kelly Callahan, a scorned wife from Tennessee posted on the homewrecker site.

"It's kind of like that invisible shoulder to cry on," said Callahan. "You know they've been through...exactly what you've been through."

Callahan says she feels zero guilt for posting about her alleged homewrecker. She found out her husband was cheating, while she was shopping in Target. She says her husband sent a text message that was not meant for her. The text was clearly meant for a different woman and in that moment, Callahan knew, her husband was having an affair.

Callahan says she is trying to make her marriage work through counseling. She says it is important to move on and keep her family together, for the sake of her children.

Another scorned wife is Jennifer Federer of Clearwater Beach Florida. Federer says she feels no guilt.

"I do think she ruined my family and I think that's what she set out to do from the beginning," said Federer.

She is referring to her homewrecker, Dana Scott. Scott carried out an affair with Federer's husband for months. In fact, she got pregnant. The attraction started at a dental office, where Scott worked as a receptionist for Federer's husband.

"She saw me come into the office, constantly," said Federer. "My husband would give me a kiss in front of her."

However, that did not change the course of the affair, which lasted 15 months. Today, Scott's picture, name and the story of the affair can be found with the click of a button. She says, it is a constant reminder.

"I am truly sorry from the depths of my soul," said Scott.

Scott and Federer now have children with the same father. Federer tells First Coast News, the children have never met and she is doing everything in her power to avoid having the children meet, even though they do share the same father.

"I don't think what happened to myself or my children was fair, but's done and over with and I've moved forward in my life," said Federer.

Federer and her husband are still together and working things out.

"How could he have loved me? He had a wife and a child," said Scott.

In the end, it seems the motive of the creator, Ariella Alexander, does work in this case.

"I would like women to come together and say, you know what, we aren't going to let these men go out after work and get drunk at the bar, sleep with us and then go home to their wife because as women we have the power to change that all we have to do is just not sleep with married men."

First Coast news also spoke to a man who found out his ex wife was cheating on the website. The Jacksonville man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says his co-worker told him to check out the site. However, it was a shock, when he found his ex wife's picture posted. He says the site answered all of his questions about her cheating and months later two filed for divorce. He says his ex-wife does not care about the posting. In fact, it's a way for her to get more attention.

Alexander says it is unfortunate that women get involved with married men. However, the site owner says, men are to blame, too. She says 95% of men will cheat sometime in their relationship and 95% of the time, they do not stay with the woman they are cheating with.

"Women should have a girl code," said Alexander. "Women don't have respect for other women and I think it's terrible."


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