Teen honored for saving kids from oncoming truck

PALATKA, Fla. -- Kayla Johnson jumped into action and saved the lives of nine-year-old twins.

She and one of those children nearly lost their lives after an accident on Dec. 13, 2013.

"I love those kids and I would do anything for them," said Johnson.

"We were waiting for the bus and I seen a truck come off the road and the only thing I was thinking of was the kids so I pushed them out of the way," said Johnson.

Both Kayla and Christopher were hit and flown to the hospital with major injuries. Kayla spent 23 days in the ICU and four months in a wheelchair. She broke her pelvis, her spine, her wrists, ACL and suffered brain injuries.

She dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but those dreams are put on hold until her doctor clears her to attend college.

"It's sad because I can't do the stuff I used to do," said Johnson.

Christopher spent days in the ICU too. Today, he's living with a reminder of the accident as he walks around in his leg braces.

Kayla says she struggles with the situation.

"When the day comes, when we get close I will start getting nightmares again," she said.

The nightmares are something twin Abby deals with too.

"Rolled Christopher over and he was hurt and had blood in his month and then I looked at Kayla and she was screaming and couldn't get up," said Abby.

While the tragic memories replay in Abby's head, she has a little message for the woman who pushed her out of the way of that truck and saved both her and her twin brother.

"Thank you Kayla, you saved my life," said Abby.


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