Swarming termites invade apartment and surprise tenant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Nakia McCormick moved into her modest two-bedroom apartment in February and this week came home to termites swarming throughout her apartment.

"I said 'oh Lord' and almost fainted," she said.

McCormick is concerned because the termites have been flying through her bedroom and living room.

"Me and my kids couldn't sleep in our room because somebody told us termites bite," said McCormick.

The wood floors in her apartment are showing signs of damage from the wood destroying insects. She said she won't feel comfortable in her apartment until the landlord fixes the problem.

"I really want them to fix it and I really want to relocate somewhere else," she said.

Jay Higbee with Foland and Higbee is the landlord.

"I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention," he said.

Higbee said there's no record of McCormick or anyone complaining about the termite problem. He said last year, a downstairs unit had a termite problem and it was resolved and they will take of this one as well.

"The lady did not inform us she was having termite issues and now that you have brought it to our attention, we will have someone out there immediately," said Higbee.

Termites have to treated by a professional pest control company. Unless they have to place a tent on the entire building or make extensive repairs, usually those living in the house do not have to move.

First for you:

-If you rent, controlling termites and making repairs to the property is the landlord's responsibility

-If there's damage to the content, that is the renter's responsibility.


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