Still no wreckage from Malaysian Airlines incident

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Planes and ships from several countries, including the United States, are still working to find Malaysian Airlines MH370.

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Local aviation expert, Marshall Wood spent 20 years in the military and flew planes even larger than the Boeing 777.

"It's a great mystery, all of us are scratching our heads," he said.

Woods says this isn't the first time a plane has disappeared, but they're very rare.

"It's not without precedent," he said.

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The main wreckage from an Air France jet was nowhere to be found for 2 years back in 2009. The plane crashed on it's way from Brazil to Paris. In 2007, it took a week for search crews to find the wreckage of an Indonesian Jet. Still today, most of that wreckage is at the bottom of the ocean.

While crews work to find the wreckage, investigators, along with Woods, say finding the plane is critical to understanding what happened.

"Knowing what happened brings great reassurance to all of us, those who fly, and those why fly in the back," he said.

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