State releases Michael Dunn letters

First Coast News has been trying for months to get a jailhouse interview with Michael Dunn, the manaccused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis outside of a Southside gas station.

In a letter to FCN's Heather Crawford he wrote he would speak, however his attorney told said no.

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In the letter Dunn wrote me he said:

This case has never been about loud music. This case is about a local thug threatening to kill me because I dared to ask him to turn the music down.

It goes on to say, "I am not a murderer. I am a survivor."

But he says a whole lot more in dozens of letters written from his cell released Wednesday by Angela Corey's office, the office prosecuting him for first degree murder.

In this handwritten letter dated June 26 Michael Dunn writes to his daughter:
It's almost as if they're trying to hold me for as long as possible, because they know they have such a weak case against me and no chance of winning. Cory, my attorney, says I have a much stronger case of self-defense than Zimmerman does. He said that I should not worry if he loses, but it's a great sign if he wins.

That same month he wrote this letter to an undisclosed recipient:

I just got off the phone with you and we were talking about how racist the blacks are up here. The more time I am exposed to these people the more prejudiced against them I become. I suppose the white folks who live here are pretty much anti-black, at least the ones who have been exposed to them.

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In another letter dated July 12 he writes:

The jail is full of blacks and they ALL act like thugs. I think the legal system is scared of a backlash any time there is a white-on-black incident, but don't get excited when it's black on black or even black on white. This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these ***** idiots when they're threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior.

Police say they got into a dispute that started over loud music.

Dunn claims he feared for his life and saw a weapon, but police say Davis and his friends were not armed.


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