Some in the military admit to texting while driving

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Be honest. Do you text and drive? The activity is banned in Florida, but people say they still do it.

USAA did a recent survey of active duty military in cities including Jacksonville and shared their results.

US Navy Senior Chief Jonathan Morton and his family do plenty of activities that require driving.

Morton has served in the Navy for 18 years and said he does not text and drive.

"I'm trying to make it home, so I don't do stuff like that," he said.

USAA recently surveyed active military across the nation, including Jacksonville, about distracted driving. Of the roughly 100 people interviewed, 39 percent of Jacksonville service members admitted to texting while driving.

Half said they do it out of habit. The survey said 87 percent of area service members considered texting while driving unsafe, but 26 percent of them still do it.

"Probably, there's some people who have emergency situations and they probably do just take out their phone and start texting," Morton said.

Sixty-eight percent said they would stop texting while driving if asked by their commander or a high ranking officer.

"Their job is important," Morton said. "They're part of a team. That team can't stand to have even one person taken out of it for something that wasn't operationally driven."

Texting while driving wasrecently banned in Florida.

FHP said 24 people died in distracted driving crashes in 2012. Morton's wife, Miami, also said she refuses to text and drive.

"I've seen people with children in their car driving and texting," Miami Morton said. "Military or not, I don't think they should do it. Sometimes, I feel myself to, but just don't do it. It's not worth it. I pull over."

Not only for the safety of their family, but military members and everyone on Jacksonville roads.


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