Sign warns pedestrians of jaywalking dangers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Atlantic Boulevard is heavily traveled, buton one stretch, there is a warning to pedestrians toavoid any temptation to jaywalk.

Near Bishop Kenny High School, a mobile Jacksonville Sheriff's Office digital signflashes the warning"Don't Make This Your Last Walk."

The sign is in the area of where a 76 year-old man was hit and killed last August crossing the street. No additional information on other incidents or close calls that prompted action with signage.

"I've watched a couple of people racing down this road before, " said Will Wright, who works in an auto sales lot off Atlantic where traffic comes off Interstate 95.

"I watch them all day flying through here," said Wright.

Down the street, Jonathan Wall is familiar with pedestrian traffic in the St. Nicholas community.

He says the signs are a good idea.

"I don't condone it (jaywalking) get caught doing it sometimes myself," said Wall.

The flashing digital sign on the road warns pedestrians to use the nearby crosswalk.

The posted speed limit on this stretch of Atlantic Boulevard is 40 miles per hour.


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