Second Putnam County man bitten by rattlesnake

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- The weather is heating up, and the odds are going up that you could run into a rattlesnake, as rattlesnakes are on the move.

A second Putnam County man was bitten by a rattlesnake, the second Putnam County man to be bitten in the last three weeks.

"Snakes are cold blooded so they get active in the summer, In the warm months. Spring and summer is their time," said Brandon Booth, who goes by the name A-1 trapper.

Booth is busy these days looking for venomous rattlesnakes and other kinds like moccasins. He caught one moccasin on Thursday, and recently he caught a 6-and-a-half foot rattlesnake under a shed in a yard in St Augustine.

" This is the worst I have seen it in the 15 years I have been doing this business.. I have gotten more since the beginning of spring than I did last summer. I taken 200 calls this spring, about an average of 2 or three a day"

So that reason enough to keep an eye out for them. "I always tell people to look ahead of yourself , if you are working in your yard, or anywhere walking. Just keep looking ahead of yourself, because once you get too close, it might be too late."

The chances are more likely you could see one of these rattlesnakes in your yard as they are on the move. They like to hang out in a driveway or sidewalk.

"They love the concrete," said Booth. "They like to bask in the sun and at night they like it because it stays warm , at night they will lay there to keep the heat."

Booth says they can be found around shrubbery, and he says look out around those water hose reels in the yard.

" I don't know what it is but I have killed more under those things under those water hose reels. I have noticed it , it happens so often. iItell people the one on the wall is fine, the ones on the ground they love them"

if you were to see one of these close by , Booth has this advice...

"Don't move fast, back away slowly, they sense the heat and they sense fear, so when you get scared, your heart starts beating faster and they can sense that... so you just back up real slow... and call me." You can reach A-1 Trapper for Wildlife Removal at 904-273-4779.


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