Red Light Camera Ticket Mistake Causes License Suspension

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- No one likes a ticket, not even a parking citation; and when the ticket information is wrong it only adds insult to injury.

"I was upset because on October 14th I was right here," said Steve Hunt.

Hunt received a ticket that says he was in North Miami that day and was caught by a red light camera breaking the law and when he called the City of Miami for help he became angrier.

"The only thing they could tell me was hire an attorney to fight it or drive to Miami for a court date," he said.

Hunt said he was not driving on Opa Locka Blvd, as the ticket states,and the red light camera video proves it.

"It wasn't my car it wasn't my tag,' said Hunt.

In the video the car is a gray four door Mercedes Benz, Hunt drives a green two door GMC pick up truck. In the video, the tag on the Mercedes ends in XGE, the tag on Hunts truck ends in XGF.

"I though this mistake is so simple," said Hunt, "this would fix itself."

It didn't and now his driver's license has been suspended. Jacksonville Attorney Robert Gibson specializes in traffic violations.

"There has been legal challenges over the years to see if red light camera ticketsare legal," said Gibson.

Gibson said the third district court of appeals has ruled such tickets are legal because they're reviewed by a law enforcement officer. His advice is simple.

"Don't ignore the ticket. The price goes up from from $158 to $277 and your license could be suspended," he said.

Hunt said he discovered the status of his license while applying for a handicapped permit. He said hetried to correct it but that has been difficult at best.

"I've been going back and forth for two weeks, nothing," said Hunt.

The traffic enforcement cameras are operated by American Traffic Solutions of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Vice President Charles Territo said there are checks in place to ensure this kind of mistake does not happen.

So what happened? Territo said the first citation was ignored and the second returned because Hunt moved.

"We learned of the mistake today and we will have it corrected and his license reinstated tomorrow," said Territo.

"We never like to see this happen," he added, "weapologize for the error."


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