Police report reveals a different side to wrongful arrest claim

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- A Jacksonville couple says they are still paying for their date night after their evening out ended behind bars. One man is saying he and his wife were wrongfully arrested by Jacksonville Beach Police while the police report reveals a different side to the story.

Shaun Walden and his wife were excited about their long over-due date night. They have a 6-year-old and 2-year-old twins, so they got a sitter and went out to dinner at Jacksonville Beach on Sunday night.

"We don't get to get out much because I work during the day, she [wife] works during the nights. We're constantly, one of us watching the kids," said Walden.

Walden says he and his wife were walking back to their car on 1st Street North when things took a quick turn for the worst. Walden says his wife stopped to use the bathroom, he saw an unoccupied marked ATV and he sat on to wait, he admits he had a beer in his hand. That's when the Jacksonville Beach Police report says an officer called out to Walden.

"I walked towards him and as soon as I got within arms reach he slammed me on the ground, zip tied me and said stop resisting, I said 'I'm not resisting,' and that's when I heard him tell another officer, 'tase him,'" said Walden.

The police report states the officer asked to stop to speak to Walden and he said no. The officer says Walden was "severely intoxicated" and he attempted to detain him to conduct an investigation, Walden continued resisting, was brought to the ground, was tossing from side-to-side and ignored commands. He was tased, according to the report.

The charges against Walden are drinking in public, disorderly intoxication and resisting without violence.

"Resisting without violence? But, I was tased and beaten so if I wasn't being violent what was the point of being tased and beaten?" asked Walden.

Police say actively resisting can be grounds for tasing to get the individual to comply.

Walden disputes the entire story and says he was not intoxicated. He says he received blows to the back of his head while he was on the ground and says his wife was also wrongfully arrested. Police say she was interrupting the investigation and also resisted officers.

"I'm very upset because we feel wrongfully accused and we're being charged all these fees for a crime we didn't even do," added Walden.

Walden says he has a prior arrest for DUI some years ago. He says he plans on filing a complaint for this incident.


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