Philippian Community Church helps Apple Project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hats off to the PhilippianCommunity Church on New Kings Road in Jacksonville! Anne Marlow and other members set a goal of raising $500 for our Apple Project to build a free dental clinic in Jacksonville.

The children made apple magnets and candy apples to sell. They worked for weeks practicing an apple rap to explain how tough it is for people who can't afford dental care.

The entire church rallied behind the young folks involved.

And they were a big success. They raised $500! That will be a $1000 donation because the Weaver Foundation will match it.

Our big need now is for donation of labor and supplies.

In-Kind Services Still Needed:

  • Surveying / Layout, L
  • Temporary facilities, M (doublewide to operate clinic, single wide for construction office and storage container)
  • Temporary toilets, M
  • Temporary fencing, L & M
  • Waste disposal, M (yard waste, demolished buildings and trash)
  • Asbestos abatement, L
  • Fencing, L & M (privacy and chain link)
  • Landscaping, L & M
  • Concrete, M
  • Building supplies, M
  • Carpentry, L & M (wood framing)
  • Millwork, L & M
  • Roofing, M
  • Doors & hardware, M
  • Glass & glazing, L & M (exterior commercial doors and windows)
  • Drywall, M
  • Acoustical ceiling, M
  • Paint, M
  • Vinyl composite tile, L & M
  • Ceramic tile, L & M
  • Appliances, M
  • Furnishings, M
  • Window blinds, L & M
  • HVAC, M (heating and air conditioning units)

If your company is licensed, please let us know if you canhelp. Just email Jeannie Blaylock at

Also, for building supplies maybe you work at Home Depot or Ace Hardware or Lowe's or a place such as those. You can see if your store will step forward to help with anything from shovels to lumber.

Our goal is to break ground at the beginning of 2014.


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