Parents: Crossing near 103rd charter school is dangerous

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The intersection where Rockola Road and 103rd Street meet has Mechelle Niekrasz worried.

"The kids at Parkridge have to cross the street," Niekrasz said. "I've been hit several times on my scooter and I'm scared to death."

Niekrasz is trying to get attention to the danger. She's afraid that a child may lose their life trying to cross 103rd. She said last May she reported her concerns to the city but no one has addressed it.

"I don't believe anyone is listening," she said.

Angela Henderson shares the same fear and concerns. She said her 5-year-old starts kindergarten this fall and they have to walk to school.

"It is too much traffic to try to cross," Henderson said.

Henderson said the vehicles have no respect for pedestrians.

"There have been several times I have crossed this street and almost got hit just walking," said Henderson.

There is a stop sign for the vehicles that are merging into 103rd, but nothing to protect someone trying to walk across the intersection.

"No crosswalks, no school crossing guards, no traffic lights, no nothing," Henderson said.

The intersection is in councilman Doyle Carter's district. His staff said it is meeting with DOT to address the concerns.

"What's going to happen when one of those children at Parkridge walks over and gets hit? " asked Niekrasz.

She believes that's when someone will make the decision to install a traffic light.

The Duval County school year starts in a couple of weeks and the residents say the intersection needs to become top priority.


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