Red light cameras in Orange Park may go dark by October

Jason Rantala reports. 9/21/2016

ORANGE PARK, Fla.—Red light cameras in Orange Park could be shut off by the end of the month.

Town officials say it's because their 4 year contract with camera provider American Traffic Solutions expires Sept. 30.

The city has cameras at three highly-trafficked intersections in the city: Kingsley Avenue at De Barry Avenue and Park Avenue at Loring Avenue and Kingsley Avenue.

If no action is taken, every single red light camera in Orange Park will go dark, beginning midnight, Oct. 1.

Love them or hate them, residents in Orange Park certainly know about them.

"They're pretty noticeable," says Brandie Young.

Brittany Teschendorf works at Urban Bean right by the red light camera intersection. She says even though she's one of many who've received a ticket from one of the town's cameras, she's still torn as to whether they should stay or go.

"l will be really careful not to run another one, because of that ticket," says Teschendorf.

While others argue they just don't see the results.

"I feel like red light cameras don't deter people from speeding through them," says Young.

If the cameras go dark, there's still the chance they could come back, but officials say negotiations with their current vendor could become more difficult. They say it could take more than a year for a new contract.

The cameras have earned the town a net revenue of $192,000.

Mayor Eugene Nix says the red light contract is something that should have been dealt with months ago. He says before the town makes a decision, he wants to see more data in regard to their effectiveness.

It's yet to be determined if the town will hold a meeting before the deadline to figure out a new red light contract.


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