New logo, new plans for Hemming Park

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Organizers say plans to turn Hemming Park from what it is today to a "front yard" for downtown is a great challenge, with a greater reward.

The plans include packing the park with events and entertainment every day, upgrading the landscape, and down the road, upgrading the fountains and the equipment. Dr. Wayne Wood is with Friends of Hemming Park. He says all the improvements will also help improve the park's reputation.

"The park is going to be safe and secure and we're going to make sure," he said.

Paul Poidomani rides through the park every day. He says a fix-up is long overdue.

"It's a huge job, you talk to anyone they say 'why would I go to a place that's to seedy looking and uninviting?'" he said.

Organizers unveiled a new logo. It shows a green square next to city streets.

Dr. Wood says changing the image of Hemming Park will take time.

"The reputation of the park has taken 10-15 years to become unsavory, and so to think we can instantly change it is kind of wishful thinking," he said.

Meanwhile, people like Poidomani say it's something that can happen.

"It could be a really good thing, I'm thinking good things will happen here and shortly," he said.


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