Nassau County firefighters question whether one tanker is enough

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. -- Can one tanker truck handled the job in Nassau County when minutes count when fighting fires? It's a question being asked and the fire union said they want more tanker trucks to deliver water.

"Approximately 70% of Nassau County doesn't have water source or hydrants available so we depend on that equipment," said Nassau County Firefighter and Union President Curtis Bollinger.

Right now, the only 2,500 gallon tanker in the county is stationed in Hilliard which requires a 45 minute drive if needed from the other end of Nassau County. The Hilliard station is staffed around-the-clock.

The fire union said while the extra tankers do help, it is not as good as it sounds. Nassau County Fire Chief Matt Graves said the county recently took control of the Nassau Oaks volunteer station which added two more tankers to the mix. The Nassau Oaks station will remain volunteer, meaning the county does not have staff on-site to drive the tankers. Graves said those tankers, which are more centrally located, do add another 6,800 gallons to the mix.

"It does help when they (volunteers) are available," said Bollinger.


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