Murder suspect's iPhone history takes central role

The trial of a Gainesville man accused of murdering his former classmate and close friend is using evidence from suspect Pedro Bravo's iPhone, including an image of a Siri search that asked how to hide a roommate, and the amount of time he used the flashlight feature.

Prosecutors on Tuesday showed the jury a screen shot of a Siri search saved on Pedro Bravo's iPhone, which read "I need to hide my roommate," according to CBSMiami and video footage from the trial.

The automated Siri search asks, "what kind of place are you looking for?" The application then gives options: Swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries.

Facebook cache

That doesn't mean the suspect asked voice-activated Siri to perform the search, as some media reports earlier said.

The Gainesville, Fla. detective testifying in the trial, Detective Matt Goeckel, said the image came out of the saved images folder — "in the Facebook cache." That would explain why there was a Siri image on Bravo's iPhone 4, an earlier model that did not carry Siri, and why the cell-phone carrier associated with the image was different than the carrier Bravo used for his phone.

Read transcript of the testimony at The Gainesville police department has been trying to clear up the confusion on its Twitter feed @GainesvillePD.

"In this case it was cached on Facebook, it was viewed on Facebook with the phone," said the detective, according to the testimony.

Murder victim Christian Aguilar

Bravo is accused of drugging and strangling University of Florida student Christian Aguilar two years ago because he was obsessed with Aguilar's girlfriend Erika Friman, another University of Florida student who had previously dated Bravo.

Bravo, Aguilar, and Friman had attended the Doral Academy high school in Miami. Aguilar went missing in September 2012, shortly after starting his freshman year in college. After an extensive, month-long volunteer search for the 18-year-old Aguilar, hunters in the woods outside the college town of Gainesville found his body, half-buried.

Bravo has been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping, poisoning and other crimes. He faces life in prison.

iPhone evidence

Bravo's attorney told the court that the screen grab of the Siri search was among hundreds of pictures on Bravo's phone, and there was no evidence he ever did a search, according to CBSMiami.

Data from Bravo's iPhone is playing a key role in the trial so far. A detective from the Gainesville police department said 'pings' from Bravo's phone on the day Aguilar disappeared showed Bravo heading west, in the direction of where the body was eventually found. Also, the detective said the flashlight feature on the phone was used for nearly an hour.


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