Mother says son was attacked on school bus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A mother is pleading for help to stop school bus bullying in Duval County. Amie Johnson said both her 8-year-old son and her 6-year-old daughter were physically attacked by other students and she has photographs to prove it.

Johnson said she's been reaching out to Duval County Public Schools for five months. Upon hearing about the story, First Coast News reached out to the school district and in just hours, the school reached out to Amie with the promise of an investigation.

Amie said the attacks started at the beginning of the school year. She said she was horrified when her son walked off the bus with a black eye.

She said, "he's been punched, slapped, scratched, his backpack has been pulled backward so he falls ... "

Amie said her son is shy, and just like any 8-year-old he has big dreams, and his is to become a pilot. Amie said the situation is getting worse on the bus.

"Until my son can get on and off that bus ... and not only feels safe but knows that everything is going to be okay ... that's when the situation will be taken care of."

Now, she said her 6-year-old daughter is getting physically attacked, with her hair getting pulled just last week.

"They both come into my room and want to sleep with me because they said they are having nightmares, or they beg me not to go to school....and that's the hardest part."


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