Guard officer allegedly placed cameras in women's stalls

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On January 13, it was discovered that a warrant officer in the Florida Army National Guard may have violated military code and broke the law.

"I can confirm there's an investigation," said Lt. Colonel James Evans.

The focus of the investigation is on what happened at the 1-111 General Support Aviation battalion at Cecil Field.

"We know there are two victims," said Evans.

The warrant officer, name unknown, is accused of placing or hiding a camera or cameras in the women's stall at the Cecil post.

"We have a Command Directed Investigation," said James. "We are in cooperation with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office."

Evans said there were no cameras hidden in the walls of the stall but declined to discuss the specifics because of the pending investigation.

The Department of Defense has issued a strong directive regarding any kind of sexual harassment or abuse in the military.

"I can assure you that they are managing this case and any other case," said Justin D'Arenzio, a former Navy Lieutenant and a forensic psychologist. "They take each case seriously."

D' Arenzio said an allegation of sexual misconduct can have a severe impact on the cohesion of that military unit.

"Trust is critical in the military. The military trains its services members to trust one another," said D' Arenzio, "When that trust is broken, it is extremely damaging. It destroys unit cohesion and people start questioning the chain of command."

The investigation could be completed in early March.


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