Youngest juror in Dunn trial talks about the case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Creshuna Miles, 21, was Juror #8 in the Michael Dunn trial. She said they were sequestered at the Ramada in Mandarin and played card games to pass the time. The power cords for the television in their rooms were removed and they were refrained from talking about the case.

She sat down with First Coast News for a 40-minute interview about the experience. This is the first time she has served on a jury and she said at first it was overwhelming.

Question: Is Dunn Guilty?

Answer: Yes, he should have been found guilty; he should have been found guilty of second-degree murder. I had no way to determine if it was premeditated, we had no way to determine if it was premeditated or not.

Question: Why was the jury deadlocked?

Answer: The reason you could not reach an agreement on count one, the first degree charge, was the premeditation issue. We could not prove his actions were premeditated.

Question: Should there be a retrial?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Should the prosecution do something differently?

Answer: They should try to be more clear. For example, the gun not being in the car, they didn't not check the plaza, they did not check the plaza because Mr. Dunn went away and they did not know to check until he told his side of the story.

Question: How has this changed you?

Answer: It changed me. I think about my actions, I think about what I'm doing, because I don't know what the next person is doing. I don't know if the next person will hurt me if I say the wrong thing.

Question: What do you say to the Davis family?

Answer: I really do apologize that we could not come to a decision but I would prefer that we not come to a decision and somebody else come to the decision and then change their heart, we did not want that to happen.


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