Woman who has served on 3 juries offers perspective

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- Barbara Ham has served on three juries -- but no trial as high profile as the Michael Dunn murder trial.

She reached out to us First Coast News to offer perspective on what the jury of the Dunn trial may have been going through over the course of the two-week trial.

The 12 jurors in the Dunn murder trial were unable to come to a unanimous decision on the first-degree murder charge, but did convict Dunn of three counts of second-degree attempted murder and firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle. The charges carry a possible sentence of 60 years. The mistrial on the charge of first-degree murder leaves the door open for a possible retrial.

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She applauds the jury members who have served while being sequestered.

Ham says people on the outside can't possibly understand how difficult this is for them.

"I am mentally drained for them. To me it can be as emotional as sitting in ICU with a loved one. Just the mental draining to where you can't think," Ham said.

Ham says she supports the jury's decision -- knowing they were thorough in their duties.

She says everyone should do that because those on the outside did not have a chance to review all the evidence.

Ham also is impressed with how the Davis family has carried themselves during the ordeal.

After being sequestered for more than a week and deliberating for more than 30 hours over the past four days, the jurors were free to go home Saturday night.

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Following the trial -- the jury decided not to speak with the media.

The 12-person jury was made up of seven women and five men -- four white men, four white women, two black women, one Hispanic man and an Asian woman.

If the state retries Michael Dunn on the first degree murder charge, as Angela Corey has said is possible, a new jury would be selected.


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