Motion filed to sequester Michael Dunn jury

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A motion is now part of the legal file to sequester the jury in the upcoming Michael Dunn trial murder trial.

Attorneys representing First Coast News and our news partner The Florida Times-Union also presented to Judge Russell Healey more legal paperwork why they think the public records case should remain in his court and not be moved to civil court. Local media are fighting for disclosure by the court of material relating to Michael Dunn.

Dunn is charged with the November 2012 murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

In the four page motion to sequester the jury, Attorney Corey Strolla cited the extensive media coverage both local and nationally as a reason jurors should be protected from coverage of the trial and not be allowed to go home during the trial. In the motion, it is also requested that the jury should not have access to any electronic devices.

"The pretrial publicity has been reflective and reported in a manner that suggests a pro-prosecution bias in building a case against the defendant," said Strolla in the motion, asking the court to help his client get a fair trail.

Jacksonville defense attorney Janet Johnson said she has expected a change of venue request, which has not been made by Dunn's defense team.

"It's unusual if it is not coupled with at least an attempt to change venue, which you thought he would have done," said Johnson.

Jury selection is set to begin Monday, February 3, and is expected to last several days.

Final plans are being made on the process to allow the public seats in the courtroom. Preliminary plans called for the public to apply for a seat the day before with wrist bands being issued for access into the courtroom.

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