Jordan showing his support for Jordan Davis

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An 18-year-old who knew Jordan Davis and the other three teens that were in the car with Davis stood outside the Duval County Courthouse on Monday to show his support for Ron Davis and Lucia McBath.

Jordan Iacovelli was only 17 when his friend who shared the same first name was shot and killed during an alleged altercation at the Gate gas station in the 8200 block of Baymeadows Road over loud music.

"I walked past that gas station everyday," Iacovelli explained, "It was on my way to work.

When First Coast News asked if the shooting involving his friends changed him in anyway, Iacovelli described how he's more aware of how he presents himself.

Iacovelli said he didn't change the way he dressed or the type of music he listened to, but he is now more self aware. "I'm more aware of my surroundings. I watch where I'm going and what I'm doing, but I don't live in fear."

Iacovelli described Tevin Thompson, Tommie Storns, Leland Brunson and Jordan Davis as good kids, good people and not trouble makers. All the teens Iacovelli described were in the car the night of the fatal encounter.

Since losing his friend, Iacovelli, the oldest of four teens in his family, has graduated from high school and works two jobs to save for college. He has dreams of being a hip-hop artist and plans to study music engineering at Full Sail in Orlando.

A message to youth

Iacovelli's message to youth getting in trouble is simple. He said they should get their acts together, go to school, get a job and do what they're supposed to do. He also said parents need to step up.

"Some parents were not parented and they're passing it on and continuing the chain of people that don't know what to do. Kids need to stop playing around in the streets and do what's right."


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