Attorney Mark O'Mara believes "there's conflict among the jurors'

Update: February 14, 2014

"With the jury taking this long it would seem as though there's some conflict among the jurors as to what actually happened out there" , said Mark O'Mara.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As the 12 jurors decide the fate of Michael Dunn, an entire community is waiting for that decision.

First Coast News spoke to criminal defense attorney Mark O'Mara, who was George Zimmerman's, Thursday morning and he believes Michael Dunn will be found guilty.

"I don't think the jury is going to be able to get past the fact that Dunn did not contact the police right away and that is going to bleed back over into whether or not he was justified in the shooting and they are going to find it was not justified," said O'Mara.

As we enter day two of verdict watch, Mr. O'Mara said he doesn't think the length of time a jury deliberates means the jurors are swaying one way or another. With a lot of evidence to go through plus complicated wording in the law, it could take time for the jurors to reach a verdict.

Security was also a big concern for Mr. O'Mara when he defended George Zimmerman. O'Mara believes if a not guilty verdict came back, there could be even more community outrage.

"If he is found not guilty then yes I think that there will be a backlash in the community about a not guilty verdict even more so in this case than the Zimmerman case. The facts of this case do not seem to support self defense near as much as the Zimmerman case did," said Mr. O'Mara.

Stay with First Coast News as we wait for the verdict to come down. We will bring it to you live on NBC 12/ABC 25 and


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