MH-17 tragedy "concerning" for international travellers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With Flight MH-17 shot down in such an unstable part of the world, international travelers are starting to ask "how" a plane will reach it's destination.

"We've always thought about where they're going more so than the path the plane is taking to get there," said Margie Jordan, CEO of Jordan Executive Travel Services.

"Now that this incident occured, we have to think about that and see whether out client is comfortable with the path the plane is taking," she said.

Jordan has been in the travel industry for years. She says a plane's flight path is something she'd never have to look into.

"This is new, this is really new for us and dealing with this is new for travel professionals as well," she said.

If you'd like to know the flight path before you book, ask your travel agent, or visit FlightAware's web site by clicking here.


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