Lost dog from Texas travels 900 miles, found in Orange Park

Lost dog from Texas found in Orange Park

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- The last week has been an incredible journey for a miniature Australian Shepherd named Bell.

The 11-month-old pup is from a home just North of Houston, but went missing last week. Her owner, Matt Turner, desperately searched for her, putting her picture out on social media and peppering the neighborhood with flyers.

Then an unexpected phone call, Bell had been found in Orange Park, Florida. She had been brought in as a stray to the Clay Humane Society and her microchip lead the staff back to Bell's vet in Texas, who called Turner.

"There is so much we don't know about her getting here, but she is in fantastic shape," tells Dr. Christian Broadhurst, the Senior vet at Clay Humane.

Turner says he was astounded when he heard his beloved dog had somehow traveled nearly 900 miles and across three states.

"When I talked to the shelter, the first thing I said was are you sure it is my dog? They said it is 100% sure it is her and then your mind starts spinning about how in the world did your dog get 900 miles from where she started at the first of the week," says Turner.

Bell was found in good condition, no scrapes or damage to her paws. The staff at Clay Humane think she must have gotten a ride somewhere along her journey.

The reunion all happened because Bell had a microchip. Dr. Broadhurst urges pet owners to make sure their pets are microchipped and those chips are registered.

"She is a real special dog to us and we feel fortunate to have the chance to get her back," says Turner.

He and his young son, Heston, flew in early Monday morning to pick up their Bell and then start the long journey back to Texas. Both say they have no idea how she made all the way to Florida, but they are just happy to have her back with them.


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