JT Townsend's legacy lives on

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- His smile would light up a room, his kindness was unmatched.

JT Townsend taught Jacksonville the meaning of always seeing the glass half full. After a football accident in 2004 left him paralyzed, he could have easily given up.

But he didn't. Instead he put his focus on helping others with disabilities and that legacy of giving is living on after him.

"Everyday my heart hurts, but I am leaning and trusting and depending on God and the foundation we are going to change many more lives," said JT's mother, Carmen.

The JT Townsend Foundation has already helped more than 120 families, including the Prausa family. They needed an adult stroller for their son, Sev

"They are literally over $1,000 and we had one that we had used for nine years and it rotted out from under him," said Nanette Prausa.

They reached out to the JT Townsend Foundation and quickly got a beautiful new stroller!

"It gets him out to the jetties so he can look for sharks teeth. It gets him to the festivals downtown, we just have a lot of access to the world with this stroller. We were without it for about three months before we found them and we couldn't believe how limited we were," said Prausa.

She says seeing the way Sev lights up when he goes on trips means the world to her.

Carmen, JT's mother, says the last year has been difficult, but seeing the joy JT's story and foundation is continuing to bring to people's lives helps her with the grief.

"I want people to always remember that you can make a difference, one person can change many people's lives. They can give people hope, it just takes one person," she said.

The JT Townsend Foundation is run on donations. To make a donation go to: www.JTTownsendFoundation.org


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