Jordan Davis' father headed to Ferguson

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local father is headed into the heart of the unrest in Ferguson. Ron Davis the father of slain teen, Jordan Davis plans to arrive in the small city on Friday. His mission is to help bring peace to the area while lending his shoulder to the family of Michael Brown.

Davis speaks with a certain amount of passion when opening up about the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown.

"This was a human being that deserved everything that this God given earth gives us," said Davis.

Despite the distance between the small city and Jacksonville Davis says he feels connected to Brown's family.

"People that don't know you can still love you," said Davis.

He received an influx of support from all across the U.S. after losing his own son in November of 2012. Jordan Davis, an unarmed teenager shot and killed at a southside Gas station in Jacksonville.

"When they had the picture of Jordan on the cover of JET magazine and it read "Is your child next" people of all races contacted me and what they said was Jordan could have been my nephew, Jordan could have been my grandson," Davis said.

Davis, who knows all too well the pain of losing a son, is hopeful the attention moves away from the violence in Ferguson and towards Brown's family. He tells FCN a town hall meeting is in the works to help curb the violent backlash and hopefully ease the pain.

"Michael Brown's situation became an opportunity for other people to have their own agendas," said Davis. "And that's what's unfortunate for the family. That's why people like me are trying to get there to bring the focus back to the family because that should be the number one focus is them burying their loved one."

Brown will be buried on Monday. Davis is aiming to meet with his family Sunday.


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