Jacksonville boy beats the odds

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville boy is beating the odds and proving doctors wrong.

Doctors predicted Matthew Knox, 5, would never walk, talk and never see. They thought he would go blind at a young age.

However, today, Matthew walks, talks and he sees well enough to write out his name -- perfectly!

Matthew loves strawberries, sand, soccer and even the pool. His friends and teachers call him, bambino. They say, it is because he loves to kisses to all of his friends.

However, two years ago, it was a different story. Matthew was adopted into a loving family, but with a serious medical injury. Matthew was physically abused as an infant, so bad, that he suffered a life-threatening traumatic brain injury at the hands of his birth parents.

Michael Knox is Matthew's father.

Michael said, "when we hear people say, oh well these children so lucky to have your home...we say...no we are the lucky ones...that we have these children."

Matthew's mother Reina, calls her son, "amazing."

Together Michael and Reina have created a happy home.

"I forget that there was a life before us..because it's just always been us," said Reina.

Matthew heads into kindergarten and his parents say they hope he continues to love, laugh and live...like any five-year-old should.

"We got the prize," said Reina. "He's the prize."

Matthew's father--a regular contributor to news and documentary projects locally, nationally, and internationally--decided to put his skills to work documenting Matthew's progress in a soon-to-be-released film entitled Matthew in the Middle: A Child's Journey on the Broken Road.

The film shares the story of Matthew's journey from traumatic brain injury to thriving young boy and presents a compelling documentary on the power of adoption to transform a child's life. Working with local judges and child welfare specialists, Knox is compiling a variety of interviews to share what life with adopted children is like and to compel others to learn what the Knox family has joyously discovered: that in an adopted family, the parents are blessed even more than the children.


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