Humane Society offers tips to keep pets safe on July 4th

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Animal control sees more dogs runs away on the fourth of July than any other day of the year. According to animal patrol officials, fireworks often scare dogs because of the loud noises.

Carol Jennings just adopted Roscow from the Jacksonville Humane Society. Jennings said her dogs in the past have gotten scared when fireworks go off on the 4th.

Jennings said, "I would put a blanket between the ottoman and the couch and she would go under there and hide under there."

It is natural for dogs to seek out a small-den like space or crate when they are fearful or stressed. According to Diane Wiles, chief of operations at the Jacksonville Humane Society, this is a common trend.

Wiles said, "No dog ever said they liked fireworks, so it's important to keep them inside, put the TV on, put some music on...give them their favorite toy and just let them relax."

It is also important to provide a safe escape and distractions for your dogs. And, before you head out, double check and make sure your animals have some sort of identification on their collars, even if leaving them at home during July 4th festivities.

Wiles said, "Also, keep your microchips current so that if they do get lost, shelters and vets can scan them and bring them back to you."


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