Hilliard Day Care to remain open for 4 months

HILLIARD, Fla. ---- Nassau County parents are breathing a sigh of relief after their childs' day care is set to stay open for an additional four months. The Federal Aviation Administration owns the building that houses Jumping Jax in Hilliard. The FAA says the building is in need of engineering and roof repair. They tell FCN that the building must be repaired, under safety regulations.

But 24 hours ago, parents were notified that the school was shutting down on Friday, May 16. After a day of meetings Thursday, the FAA changed their decision and decided to make emergency repairs over the weekend, in order to keep the building open for an additional 120 days. The FAA says this gives parents ample time to make alternate day care arrangement.

The FAA says they do not have funding in the budget to build a permanent replacement facility for the day care center on FAA property.

Parents say they are sad to see the day care close.

Heather Fisk says the day care helped her 5-year-old son John, learn how to read. She believes he is safe in the building.

"If the building was unsafe, the teachers wouldn't be here and our children wouldn't be here so I think there is more to it than what they are telling us," Fisk said.

Elizabeth Oxfurth says her son, Walter, loves the school. Oxfurth says she's in shock and she's looking for answers.

"I am highly upset," said Oxfurth. "When I heard about it this morning, I thought...this can't be happening to this school because this place has been in this community since I was growing up."

FAA representatives say they plan to help families place their children in other Hilliard day care centers.


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