Hanna Park fees are going up

MAYPORT, Fla. -- Hanna park is a revenue producing entity but it hasn't been producing enough so the city is raising park fees after Labor Day.

"It is a nice park," said Patricia Grooms.

Grooms and family were in the park for a birthday celebration and were surprised to learn about the fee increase.

"We like the beach we are Floridian but did not know about the rate increase," she said.

Amy Howell said she doesn't like the old rates and will not like the new ones.

"We usually don't come to this beach just because we have to pay," said Howell. "We usually go down to Atlantic Beach."

These are the new rates to visit Hanna Park:

-The fee for a car of up to six passengers is going from $3 to $5

-The fee for pedestrians is going from $1 to $3

-The cost of an annual pass is going from $85.60 to $96.30

-Camping fees will remain the same

"I'd probably be a cheapskate and just not come (to the park,)" said Howell.

The Jacksonville City Council passed an ordinance in 2010 requiring revenue generating parks to increase their bottom line and that is the reason for the rate hike.

"These parks need to make 85 percent of their operating budget," said Pam Roman. "We've delayed it at Hanna Park now we have to raise the rates."

Grooms feels the increase is nominal.

"It is do-able it is not an astronomical amount," she said.

Alana Lingle said she would rather pay five dollars now than $20 later.

"I'm not concern about it, we like to come here and a couple of bucks isn't a big deal," said Lingle.

She says for now it is worth it, but it is not the end.

City officials about 65 percent of Hanna Park's revenues now come from park fees, the goal is to get that to 85%. To achieve that goal they will have to raise the fees again unless there is a dramatic increase in visitations.


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