'Hands up. Don't shoot' rally held in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In the week since the Michael Brown shooting, there have been protests all across the country.

In Orlando Saturday, demonstrators showed their support for the people of Ferguson, Missouri.

In Jacksonville, nearly 100 people rallied at Hemming Plaza.

"Hands up. Don't shoot," They shouted as they marched down Bay Street in downtown Jacksonville.

The mood Saturday evening was palpable.

"I figure this man lost his life for nothing," said protester, Joyce Young, of Jacksonville "If I got my hands in the air, that means don't shoot."

For Tyron Long this is close to home.

He is from the St. Louis, Missouri area...not too far from Ferguson.

"Hopefully we'll raise awareness. About police brutality, racial profiling," he said. "Pretty much, the faults of our country that go unnoticed."

Several told FCN they were not happy with what they saw coming from Ferguson.

"I'm against the police brutality displayed in Ferguson," said protester, Mary Beth Lanigan.

Mary George, another protester from Jacksonville, said "I couldn't stand one of my children get killed for nothing. Because of what you thought."

Lucille Williams lived through civil rights protests. She has seen a lot in decades passed.

"I think it's a good thing for blacks to come together and work together for this special cause because this young man should not have been gunned down," she said.


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