SCADpads: Tiny solution to big problem?

ATLANTA -- Could you live in a house the size of a parking spot? Some students at SCAD are trying it out. They're living in 135 square foot homes they're calling SCADpads.

For the next 10 days, Carlos Maldonado has a new address -- just a little bigger than a postage stamp.

Packing up his suitcase, Carlos knew he could only take the bare necessities.

"You're so used to having things that you don't need," he said.

The three pads on the upper deck of the SCAD parking garage have all the essentials: a bathroom, kitchen with cook top, desk, and bed.

And while one college student fits comfortably, just try having company. You run out of places to put people real quick.

SCAD Dean Steven Aishman says you better get used to it. The whole idea behind the SCAD PAD was to see how to better use abandoned spaces in large cities -- the place they found the most room? Parking garages. So students and alumni designed these compact homes as an answer to reclaiming that space.

"They are practical, reusable, and they're able to address the idea of urban living," Aishman said.

But are they affordable? The high tech units are operated by iPad, professionally decorated, and have end finishes. SCAD says because this is an experiment, they don't have a price tag just yet.

For Carlos, 135 square feet is worth it.

"This is very much luxury living," he said.


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