Class ring returned to Georgia woman 34 years later

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- A precious piece of one woman's past has been returned to her after decades of assuming it was gone for good.

"It's a blessing. That's what it is," said Lyn Johnson of Brunswick.

In 1980, Johnson graduated from Glynn Academy High School and set her sights on Texas.

"I went to Dallas with this guy I was in love with," she remembered.

But her young aspirations of adulthood took a dangerous turn. She said, "He became abusive, so I had to get out of the relationship quick."

Johnson caught a bus back to her hometown on Georgia's southeastern coast immediately and left everything she owned behind, including a very special class ring.

She said, "My grandmother saved up the money to buy it. We did not have a lot of money." The ring features her birthstone, a drama mask and her astronomical sign.

But, 34 years went by and Johnson just thought she would never see the ring again.

"This is something never in a million years could you have told me I would get this ring back," she said.

Then, two weeks ago, her phone rang and a woman from Texas was on the other end.

"She said, 'I think I have something of yours,'" Johnson restated.

The woman and her husband were overturning dirt in their yard, Johnson said, when she said they found the class ring.

Johnson said the pair then used characteristics of the ring, like the school name and a barely visible signature on the back, to locate her.

"My name is written on the back. Even with a magnifying glass and my eyes, I can't read it. But it was in great shape overall," Johnson said.

Needless to say, she was shocked.

"I was shaking. I mean, I was literally shaking.

But, it wasn't until Johnson went out to check the mail two days ago that she said she truly believed this was happening. Inside her mailbox, was a small package with her class ring inside.

She said, "They even cleaned it up for me."

The couple also included a card that perfectly sums up the happy reunion. The card says: "You can't make this stuff up!"

And that's pretty much how Johnson feels about it. She has no idea how her ring ended up in the dirt and stayed there for more than three decades.

"He must have gotten mad that I left and thrown my stuff into a neighbor's yard or something. It's crazy," she said.

Regardless of how it happened, Johnson is just thankful for a remarkable find and heartfelt gesture she won't soon forget.

"Most people don't go through that much trouble to return something that means something," she stated.


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