Georgia veteran says VA owes him benefits

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Roger Heaton says he wants his honor back.

In the midst of the veterans scandal that is shaking the government, a veteran from Brunswick Georgia says the VA fumbled his records.

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Now, he can't get the benefits he says he deserves.

He says all of his life he's wanted to serve our country he went through basic training and started the journey. But 42 years later he's looking for answers and he's speaking out on behalf of veterans like himself.

He started basic training in 1968 and got into a confrontation with a drill sergeant.

"Next thing I knew I was diagnosed with a mental disorder, collapsed lung and a bad heart and I was thrown out of the Marine Corps," Heaton said.

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But, Heaton says he has no test results or papers to prove it. And now, he claims, the VA isn't giving him the full benefits he feels he deserves.

"They did give me partial benefits, after 42 years, for me to get VA medical help," Heaton said. Heaton says he has a bad back and arthritis disabled.

He says he should be getting a pension for that, but nothings come.

"It's been stressful on my wife because she has to deal with my anxiety and she deals with what little disability I get," Heaton said. He's been forced to pay out of pocket. He estimates the figure is easily more than $10,000.

"I am here basically, not only for myself, but for the millions of other veterans who are going through what I am, no matter what war and some of them in worse shape than I am," Heaton said.

We did make a call into the Federal Legislators office.

They tell me they are working on a resolution for Mr. Heaton, but in their words, it could take a long time.


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