FWC officer finds coffin full of strange weapons

DELEON SPRINGS, Fla. -- If you're missing a coffin full of weapons and a boat anchor, you should contact the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Officers with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found the coffin lying upside down on the wood line at the park Thursday at Lake Dias Park near Deland and called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Inside deputies found a 46 weapons including a crossbow and a ball with metal spikes.

According to MyNews13, the weapons found in the coffin included:

Black crossbow
Black ball and chain
Set of nun chucks
Metal pair of forceps
Ball with metal spikes
Black hoodie
Small red square punching bag
Black leather pouch
Double-sided axe with handle
Baseball bat with numerous screws attached
Small black sheath
Scissors, silver in color
Wooden handle with attached metal hook
Wooden handle with attached metal knife
Plastic tube with black handles
Wide black metal hook
Black folding knife
2 black arm weights
Broken yellow dart
Silver baseball bat
Small wooden handle with attached knife
Black metal crowbar
Silver antenna
Black metal hooks
Black sword sheathe
Silver metal chain
Black handle with attached long knife
Wooden handle with attached rusted knife blade
Black stick with attached chain
Single metal hook
2 wooden metal hatchets
Silver boat anchor
Black fire poker
Black metal crowbar
Pair of blacksmith pliers
Silver metal sword blade with missing hand grip
Wooden blocking stick
Metal hammer
Double sickle handle
Single handle sickle
Large pair of black metal tongs
2 wooden axe handles
Wooden sword

There was no evidence that the weapons had been used recently and no foul play was suspected. The case was listed as closed, according to MyNews13.


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