New law pushes gas stations to be more disabled access friendly

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The state is moving forward on a new law for gas stations to help those with disabilities.

On July 1st, a loaded transportation law took effect. Part of it gives counties the right to up the standards with equal access to goods and services at gas stations.

Leon County requires all large gas stations and new ones being built to install handicap signs. One push and someone comes out to help.

About 25 gas stations in Tallahassee have installed the signs, funded by the companies that own the stations.

‚Äč"It gives me independence. Without gas in the vehicle I can't to work, I can't get to the grocery store," said J.R. Harding, a disability advocate.

"It's made life more independent, more self-sufficient and it has been empowering."

Harding also says he believes this is just the first step. He would like to see information online to find gas stations with these capabilities.


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