Casey Anthony threatened to walk out of deposition, court papers show

TAMPA, Fla. —Casey Anthony threatened to walk out of her deposition with attorneys of Zenaida Gonzalez, according to a new court filing.

In the contentious Jan. 23 deposition between Anthony's attorney Cheney Mason and Gonzalez' lawyer Keith Mitnik, Anthony admitted she made up the story about dropping her daughter Caylee off with a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez at the Sawgrass apartments. And she admitted to lying to the police about it.

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But Gonzalez' attorneys pressed on, asking what happened to Caylee and whether she knew her child was alive or dead at the time she claimed to have dropped her off with the fictional babysitter. They also asked whether she had something to do with her daughter's death.

Mitnik: So at the time you were making up the entire story by Zenaida having Caylee. Where was Caylee?

Mason: Objection. It's not material, and you're invoking your Fifth Amendment rights.

Anthony: At the advice of counsel, I decline to answer questions about my daughter. If you ask me again, I will walk out of this room.

During the deposition, Anthony said that the nickname "Zanny the nanny" was not a reference to the knockout drug Xanax, and she denied ever giving drugs of any kind to her daughter.

Gonzalez' attorneys indicated in the deposition they would ask the judge to order Anthony to answer their questions. Gonzalez' defamation case against Anthony has been moved to federal court, but it is continuing.


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