Feeling lucky? Mega Millions coming to Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Mega Millions Lottery is coming to Florida in just a few months, but will Georgia vendors who depended on the Sunshine State's business miss the traffic?

At the Chevron in Kingsland, Ga., the lotto is everywhere you look.

Winning tickets line the aisles, the doors and ... the bathroom.

Right over the Florida border,Raj Patel'sstore is packed every time there's a big Mega Millions jackpot.

"We don't even get time to drink water," said Patel.

Mostof customers come in from the Sunshine State because they couldn't get the tickets at home.

"2 winners from Jacksonville, FL, you wouldn't believe it ... TWO from Jacksonville," he said.

Take Brian Polenasick. When he's on the road, he buys a Mega Millions ticket every chance he gets.

"Jump right over the border, especially here, we're 2, 3 exits in ... it's a piece of cake," he said.

While he's never hit the jackpot, it's all about the possibilities.

"Dreams! Even if it's overnight or two night waiting for that Powerball, you already have that money spent," he said.

As a seasoned player, he has a lucky penny, lucky store, lucky sock ... and now that Mega Millions is coming to Florida, well that's just ...

"Florida, that's my lucky state! I gotta buy it in the Sunshine State," he said.

Butluck is just what Patel is counting on to get Floridians back over the border, buying tickets in his store.

"People think this is a lucky store," said Patel.


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