Family seeks answers after cab driver's murder

A killer is on the loose while Stuart Carson's family and neighbors are in mourning and searching for answers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- He was murdered while trying to earn a living. A husband and father of four is found dead inside his taxi.

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The killer was on the loose Monday while Stuart Carson's family and neighbors are in mourning and searching for answers.

At the site of the tragedy on W. 27th street is a memorial. A poster with messages that look like they're written by children.

One of the messages reads "I miss you a lot, daddy!" Another reads "I want father to come back alive."

People who knew him still can't wrap their minds around the fact that 43 year old Carson is gone.

"He was very sweet. He loved his kids and his wife a lot," said Kathy Green, who wiped away a tear as she spoke to First Coast News.

Carson was found Saturday, unresponsive in his cab along W. 27th Street. People said they heard what they thought were gunshots after midnight, but it was thundering and raining and no one looked outside.

"He was a great guy. Always friendly. Always happy," said Lance Sheridan. He has driven cabs for more than 10 years and he also knew Carson.

"There's dangers with every job, but like I said. There's a danger because you're picking up strangers you don't know who's getting in your back seat," Sheridan said.

Every time someone gets in that back seat, this worst case scenario is in the back of Sheridan's mind.

"Every time. You always think 'is this the time? Is this the one?'" He explained. "But you know, you get that gut feeling. You play your gut. If you feel like something bad's going to happen... I don't take people down dark alleys."

Carson's sister, Lori, Told FCN her brother spoke to his wife twice that night. Lori said he was reluctant to pick up that last fare, but he was doing this job to care for his family.

"He was very happy person. Loved to joke around. Loved to be with his kids. It's just hard right now," Lori Carson Ahern told FCN about her brother, Stuart. "It was such a senseless death. We're trying to understand it."

People who know him want answers after his death.

"I'm hoping they find out who it was," Green said.

The family of Carson set up a GoFundMe website for donations to help pay for Carson's funeral. As of Monday, over $2,000 had been donated.

As of Monday afternoon, a JSO spokesperson told FCN they had not yet heard of any arrests being made in this case.

If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 1.866.845.TIPS. As always, you can remain anonymous and you could receive a reward of up to $3,000 for this case.


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