Family claims cat "was killed with a blunt object"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local family claims someone killed their cat.

They said their search for answers is going nowhere.

"My boy is gone," Daniel Crabtree, who owned the cat, said.

Crabtree and his family loved their cat, Sam. He was a rescue who was less than a year old.

"He'll never return. His death is brutal," he said.

Go back about 3 weeks. They let the cat out one morning and he somehow got his head stuck in the fence, said Crabtree.

"I came with a pair of snips and snipped him out of the fence and he was really warm, so I figured he may have perished at that time. I immediately went to CPR mode."

He says forensics will show he was killed with a blunt object.

The family showed First Coast News photos of the scene and X-rays of their feline friend and a letter from a local vet saying in part: "It is highly unlikely that a cat could fracture a vertebrae of it's own force," and, "severe force would be required to fracture the vertebral bone."

FCN called and a 630-CITY representative said the incident report notes don't indicate an actual witness, but animal care and control is investigating an open and active issue for animal cruelty.

"I appreciate what you've done. I really do. It means a lot to us and the family to get closure," He said. "I would like to bury my cat."

Daniel told FCN he believes he knows who killed his cat.

He said he is considering legal action.

If you have an issue similar to this, call 630-CITY and start the process of getting your situation resolved.


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