Englewood Neighborhood hit by Memorial Day storm

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- Heavy wind and strong rain caused some damage on Memorial Day throughout Jacksonville. One area hit the hardest was the Englewood area, where 71 people lost power after trees and branches came falling down.

Neighbors say the storm caused heavy rain, strong winds and hail the size of quarters.

Kenneth Cole lives in the area.

"[The hail was] flat and as as big as my thumb," said Cole. "I took all of my umbrellas down but they still blew. [The storm] was just really strong."

Cole tells FCN several cars in the area were damaged, after trees came down on windshields.

Winds and rain were so strong that a century-old tree in the front of Bonny Charleston's house was uprooted from the ground. Bonny calls the situation, "a big mess."

However, she is thankful for the way in which the tree fell- on power lines.

"I am thrilled it fell that way because if it didn't [fall that way] it would have fallen on my car and my house," said Bonny. "If it fell right, it would've taken out this neighbor's house and [if it fell] left the other neighbor. So, it fell the best possible way."

Loid Gist is a tree trimmer who visited the area to survey some of the damage. He tells FCN that the tree in front of Bonny's house is the largest he had seen from Memorial Day storm damage.

"It is probably going to be a while to get this all cleaned up." said Gist. "And, it's probably going to need a crane to get the job done."

Gist was home when the storm came down and because of his 36 years in the tree trimming industry. He says he made his family duck for cover when the heavy winds and rains came down.

"I made them get to the back of the house because we have a lot of trees in the front," Gist said.

Neighbors in the Englewood area continued their Memorial Day cookouts, despite the fallen trees and branches.

"It's just another mess to pick up," said Charleston. "We can just moved forward, now."

South of Englewood in Fruit Cove there was more damage, seen in the video below.


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