Duck call app leads stuck duckling to safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Firefighters respond to cats in a tree, but on Wednesday crews responded to a unique call involved a duckling stuck in a storm drain.

The rescue boiled down to three things: persistence, improvisation and technology.

The call came in about a duck that was heard in a storm drain in an Oceanway neighborhood. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded with firefighter Ronnie Roath spending much of the morning in the drain with a net and holding an iPhone.

"We just don't have the tools for saving ducks in a sewer," said Roath dripping in sweat in between breaks.

Firefighters used to two tankers filled with water to help flush the duck to helping hands. That worked to a degree, but a "duck call" on an onlookers iPhone turned out to be the most valuable tool to draw the duckling to a net.

The rescue operation took about two hours, but had a happy ending as the duckling was released into a nearby retention pond where a mother Mallard was reunited with her offspring.


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