Curling called the 'middle child' of the Olympics

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics can be seen pretty much around the clock on the NBC family of networks, but one group isn't happy with the airtime a certain sport is getting, calling it the "middle child" of the games.

"At some point we've all felt like the middle child, left out, neglected," said Bruce Hopman.

Hopman is the founder and president of the International Middle Child Union, a group dedicated to the advancement of those born in the middle.

He's started a tongue-in-cheek campaign, going as far as writing a letter to NBC requesting the sport get better coverage.

"Curling is quirky and misunderstood, just like middle children can be," he said chuckling. "It's time curling gets out of the shadows of big brother hockey and little brother figure skating."

He says, like other middle children, they deserve at least one opportunity in the lime light.

"When you're the middle child all you want is one shot, just one chance," he said.

He has a Facebook and Twitter account dedicated to this crusade. He's posted the letter to NBC there.

And for a few laughs, you can check out his blog on his fight for middle children everywhere.


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