Woman grieves loss of mother, faces abuse allegations

POMONA PARK, Fla. – Susan Herron's life changed on April 6 when her mother died, and now says she is facing abuse allegations.

"I love my mom. She was a big part of my life, she was a big part of my son's life," said Herron. "It is so hard. We knew she was going. We knew she was passing."

Herron says her mother, 71-year-old Antonia Herron, had COPD and was in the final days when she entered hospice care in Putnam County.

"When you're in regular hospital care, the point is to save you, when you're in hospice the point is to make you comfortable," said Herron.

She said her mother was in and out of hospice since January and was last admitted in March, and at one point, they wanted her to take her home, but couldn't.

"I said 'she can't come home because I can't take care of her. You can't force me to take her back,'" said Herron.

After her mother passed, Herron said she was contacted by DCF Adult Protective Services and was told to contact them ASAP.

"They accuse me of abandoning her," said Herron. "They said I was stealing her money."

Herron said she's still trying to understand the allegations. "It is mind blowing the stuff he kept saying."

DCF spokesman John Harrell told the On Your Side team, "We are required by law to investigate; allegations do not mean facts, we need to find the evidence and will put our findings in a report."

Until that report is completed, Herron said a dark cloud remains over her.

"I just don't want this to happen to another family. They can't do this to people," she said.


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